Welcome to the Watershed Sustainability Research Group website


Based in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of South Florida, we are a group of engineers and scientists interested in solving water management problems by creating linkages between the hydrological cycle, ecosystems, and society.

The intent of this website is to provide a taste for the type of research we are dedicated to.


We study the linkages between hydrology, ecology, development and climate in watersheds around the globe. To that end, we combine hydro-ecological observations with mathematical models, Geographical Information Systems, and remote sensing technology.

Research Questions:

  • What are the effects of climate change in food-water-energy systems?
  • How do we sustainably manage and develop river basins in the Global South?
  • How do we integrate hydrology with coupled human and natural systems?
  • How do we design ecosystems for pollution control, flood/drought mitigation, and ecological restoration?
  • How do we design and operate water infrastructure to improve the condition of surrounding ecosystems?

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